A Different Kind of Raise

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Ok, I admit it. This post really has nothing to do with poker, but I’ll try somehow to make the connection.

So how did the World Poker Tour ever miss out on replacing Shana Hiatt with the über-gorgeous girl pictured here?

There we go, you see this is about poker. April_1

The girl is model/actress April Scott, and Wicked Chops Poker first came across this photo as well as others of April over at TheSuperficial.com, a favorite daily distraction of ours when playing online poker (you see, another poker connection). Being in the PR biz, you have to stay on top of the gossip and who’s who and so forth, and TheSuperficial.com is a great source for the scoop and the shots (like those a few weeks back of Katie Holmes’ “toe knuckles”). So bookmark the site and the next time ‘slowplaze83′ takes forever on Full Tilt to fold to your check-raise bluff, go wait it out over at TheSuperficial.com.

If you’re left desiring more of April Scott . . .

in a pictorial sense that is . . .

Ms. Scott has a website certainly worth the visit. Keep an eye on April (yes, I know that will be difficult) for upcoming projects. She’s already appeared on the Shield and CSI: Miami, and she has modeled for Glamour, Maxim and Shape.

And April Scott, if you should ever stop by Wicked Chops Poker, we have a suggestion: a nationally televised Heads-Up Texas Hold’em match between you and poker addict/actress Shannon Elizabeth. We’ll supply the lessons.


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