A. Dikshit is A Veryrichman

The party has just begun for A. Dikshit (yep, still funny).

Anurag_dikshitAnurag Dikshit, the reclusive mastermind behind PartyPoker’s platform empire, not to mention the 10th richest man in India, just got a little bit richer. Except by “little bit” we mean “a shitload.”

Along with site co-founder and former sex phone queen Ruth Parasol, as well as Russell DeLeon and Vikrant Bhargava, Dikshit dumped 350 million shares of PartyGaming stock, dropping the stock price 4.7% in the process.

In all, the 350 million shares represent 9% of company stock.

The move was expected from Dikshit and Bhargava, who both stepped down as Directors last month.

With his share of the cash, Dikshit plans to open up an IT outsourcing business in his native India where his employees will put all of us on hold for 30 minutes and then not understand a fucking word we are saying for the next 30 minutes until we hang up in utter frustration* having now wasted an hour of our lives.



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