A. Dikshit Will Now Have to Answer to Judge Jed Rackoff

Seriously. No seriously. This can't be. Really? Ok then.

Somebody in the U.S. American government has an awesome sense of humor, as Judge Jed Rackoff will now preside over the Anurag Dikshit settlement case. Just the potential of a headline like, "Rackoff Punishes Dikshit Hard" has us utterly giddy.

Even better (or worse, for headline purposes) is according to Gambling 911, Rackoff's name is pronounced RAKE-OFF. So Dikshit made over $600 million dollars by creating a program that makes a rake off the millions of players its registered, and now Judge Rackoff will get the U.S. American government some of that rake back.

There are a few instances when God clearly shows himself: Thomas Jefferson and Jon Adams both dying on the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independance; Charles Schultz passing away the night before his last Peanuts strip runs; and now Judge Jed Rackoff presiding over A. Dikshit's settlement.

Read more here. Below, more evidence of a higher power (that's right, keep voting for us here).


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