A Half-Dressed Denise Pernula Getting Doused with Chowder for Gavin Smith’s Money Makes for a Good Post

Out of respect for RawVegas.tv‘s wickedly sexy host Denise Pernula, as well as woman and men who dress as woman every where (and Tobey Maguire), we really shouldn’t post the video of her getting semi-naked and doused with cold chowder for $5k of Gavin Smith’s money during the taping of his online TV show Prop Bets.

Unfortunately we have the self-restraint of a crack whore from the city of Crackville swimming in a pool of crack with a bunch of crack-addicts tossing around their crack-flavored schlongs for wads of crack-stained hundies, if that helps explain the kind of self-restraint we lack.*

Video below and link to it here. It may or may not be NSFW depending on how bad your job sucks.

* Wicked Chops Poker thinks crack is bad. Please don’t use crack.


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