A Homeless Robin Williams Wins $1,500 WSOP Event

Paulkobel_1Wicked Chops Poker admittedly has very little interest in covering any of the $1,000 to $1,500 buy-in events taking place during the 2006 WSOP ME. Like having to talk to a girl after having sex with her, the events seem totally unecessary and anticlimatic.

However, this all changed when a man going by the pseudonym of "Paul Kobel"–although he is obviously a down-and-out and homeless Robin Williams–won Event #41 ($1,500 NLH).

How will this WSOP victory affect a clearly financially ruined Robin Williams? And how will it affect poker’s popularity on a larger scale when the truth comes out? It’s hard to say.

But maybe the $316,144 “Kobel” is taking "home" will help get him back on his feet again. If nothing else, the two days he spent playing at the Rio is two less days he’ll have to make another Patch Adams or RV. So we can all be grateful. Poker saves the day, yet again.

* Photo of "Paul Kobel" from Card Player’s fabulous Daily.


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