A Look Back: Wicked Chops Poker’s 2006 Year In Review Recap Because Hindsight is Retrospect
(Part I)

The Entities that comprise Wicked Chops Poker are always looking for a way to shortcut actually writing new content. Particularly at the end of the year. When everything is brutally slow. Including the gentle breezes of Fijian beaches where we sit right now…in our cabana…sipping cocktails…and reminiscing of days of yore. Or more specifically the past 12 months.

So we begin our journey through recycled content today with Part I of our annual (as of this year) famed "A Look Back: Wicked Chops Poker’s 2006 Year In Review Recap Because Hindsight is Retrospect" series. Today’s topic: Top Referrers.

Referrers are kind of the life blood of our site in a way sort of. If we’re being totally truthful, our writing is the lifeblood of our site. And the pictures of half-naked babes. And the personalities, good and bad, that make up our sport. And the feedback we get from you, the reader. But right after our writing, half-naked babes, personalities (good and bad), and feedback from you our readers, referrers are seriously what makes our site get up in the morning.

Wicked Chops Poker 2006 Top Referrers

1 – Gorilla Mask (for the Joanna Krupa 2006 WSOP link throughs)
2 – Tao of Poker (for countless link throughs)
3 – The Clay Report (for just, ah, forget it)
4 – Defamer (for continued Jaime Gold coverage)
5 – Gambling 911 (thanks to one of our favorites out there, Jenny Woo)

So over the next month, we’ll recap everything that made 2006 the year that it was for us, including our favorite babe pics, our top news stories (hint: Jamie Gold/Crispin Leyser is #1), some clarification on our statement about how we don’t believe in "journalistic integrity" (thought it was made perfectly clear, but some of you don’t seem to get it), and as the Governator would say, "things of that nature."

"Vijay, get us another drink!" Wait, that’s weird. What we just said to our cabana waiter was literally typed out verbatim. How’d that happen? This Internet thing is crazy. We bet it’s here to stay.


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