A Look Back: Wicked Chops Poker’s 2006 Year In Review Recap Because Hindsight is Retrospect (Part II)

Oh about a month ago we began our epic "Hindsight is Retrospect" series regurgitating because we’re lazy recapping some content and happenings of 2006.

However, after completely forgetting that we were supposed to be regurgitating content from the past year this month covering all sorts of hard-hitting, fast-breaking, action-packed poker news, we’re ready to pick up where we left off in the recapping process.

Today, let’s look back at our most popular (read) stories of the year although let’s face it they were all popular and hugely read, seriously picking a story that wasn’t that widely read on this site would be like trying to pick a morsel of food off the plate of a family dinner at the Benvenisti household, ie it doesn’t exist. Enjoy!

  • Joanna Krupa Photos from 2006 World Series of Poker
  • The Price Tag on Jamie Gold’s Word
  • WPT Screws Shana Hiatt From Going to NBC’s Heads-Up Poker Championship
  • Jamie Gold Gets Sued for Half His Winnings
  • Bodog Gets Sued Over "Calvin Ayre Wild Card Poker," Series Starts this Saturday on FSN

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