A Look Back: Wicked Chops Poker’s 2006 Year In Review Recap Because Hindsight is Retrospect (Part III)

For the Entities who comprise Wicked Chops Poker, 2006 presented us with some amazing trips…which consequently led to some of the craziest bedlam ensuing trip reports we’ve ever reported. From midget orgies to mobile meth labs to cleaning our plates at the Coffee Shop at TI, we somehow, as Madonna would say, lived to tell about it all.

And just when we thought that there’s NO WAY any more bedlam could possibly ensue…seriously it would be Mongolodian if it did…along came last week. And more bedlam ensued. As the Entities found themselves in Tijuana running as fast as they could from El Diablo Blanco. More on this after the New Year. For now, feast on these bedlam ensuing tales:

Vegas Trip Report #1
Vegas Trip Report #2
Vegas Trip Report #3
State Lottery Trip Report


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