A Mostly November Nine Poker News Link Dump

Watch Poker Players Make Their Picks On Who Is Going to Win The 2010 WSOP Main Event on RawVegas.tv

The 2010 WSOP Main Event November NineTM is just two days away. With that in mind, here’s a (mostly) final table inspired link dump. See what some pros had to say about the WSOP ME final table in the above vid.

:: There’s almost no need for us to do link dumps any more, thanks to the uber-comprehensive daily dump over at the pororeport.com. [link]

:: ESPN Poker has a “Meet the November Nine” page with info on all of the final tableists. [link]

:: While we’re talking N9 profiles, here’s Dr. Pauly‘s take. [link]

:: For those who missed it, here’s why Matt Affleck didn’t make the WSOP ME final table. [link]

:: And here is his Twitter reaction to watching the footage (great water bottle comment). [link]

:: A breakdown of November Nine betting lines. [link]

:: Our final take on which N9’er is Good, Bad, or Meh for Poker. [link]

:: A poker gossip round-up. [link]

:: And lastly, Ilari Saharies is one of Finland’s top 10 earners + the Google translation is hilarious. [link]


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