A Post About Mycock and Other Poker News

Mycock2smallHere’s a toke-like roundup of some tournament and poker news going on today:

:: Word is that a guy named Simon Mycock–yes, Mycock–is stacked big at the EPT event in Denmark. You can keep track of Mycock over at the Pokerstars blog where they’re watching Mycock closely, like it’s their job, because it is. Seriously, those guys will let you know whether Mycock is raising, limping or all-in or if Mycock gets sucked out on the river, or whatever Mycock is doing. Really, they’re all over Mycock and we love it.

:: Mycock is a hard act to follow so let’s keep it simple and just tell you that Gus Hansen came up big down under, winning the Aussie Millions for his first big tournament win since, it seems, Mycock was little.

:: Put Card Squad’s Wil Wheaton in “the sky is falling” column.

:: Did we mention the Gavin Smith and Joe Sebok “Prop Bets” show at RawVegas.tv yet?

:: Someone actually watched the new Rob and Amber poker-themed reality show.

* Photo of Mycock courtesy of PokerStarsBlog.com


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