A Very Brunson Christmas


Disclaimer: Wicked Chops Poker loves Doyle Brunson. We respect Doyle Brunson. We realize what Doyle has meant and continues to mean to poker. Even in light of recent potential anti-fraud accusations, Wicked Chops Poker honestly believes Doyle Brunson can do no wrong and deserves a free pass if he knowingly did something wrong. This is Doyle freaking Brunson we’re talking about here.  Doyle is to poker what Ghandi was to whatever religion he was (kidding, we know it’s Hinduism, the world’s THIRD largest religion…whoopdeedo…that’s kinda like being RC Cola).  So Wicked Chops Poker would never, EVER poke fun at the godfather of poker. We’d NEVER, EVER seriously poke fun at anything Doyle has attached his name to…

Thanks, DoylesRoom.com, for nothing.

Jd_moronie2DoylesRoom.com, as Roman Moronie would say, are "fargin’ lyin’ bastages."

In fact, they ruined Christmas.

Back in July, Wicked Chops Poker attended a gala during the WSOP ME in honor of Doyle Brunson. We were stoked. We were told we’d receive a package valued at $100 for attending. We were more stoked.

Five months and multiple emails later, we hadn’t received diddly.

Then, last week, just in time for Christmas, it came.  It came.  It finally came!  Here’s what we received:

Donlinepoker 1) Doyle’s Room t-shirt – value – approx. $20

2) Online Poker book (2/3 of which explains how to register for Doylesroom.com) – value – $10

Dbdeck_13) Doyle’s Room deck of cards – value – $5

4) Doyle’s Room bag of some sorts – value – $2

Total value: $37

Five months for that???

Now, at risk of coming off sounding like an ingrate, this is far from the promised $100 package.  Getting promotional company schwag is fine.  It’s often more than fine.  But opening the package, it kind of felt like Ralphie in A Christmas Story…hoping each box contained that Red Ryder-carbine-action-two-hundred-shot-range-model-air-rifle…only to get a pink bunny suit…or in this case…left-overs from the Marketing closet.

After numerous Addict emails to the Doyle’s Room folks, they probably just stuffed this junk in an envolope to shut us up.

Keep in mind, Doyle probably had no idea that free chotchkie’s were even being given away at his gala.  So this technically wasn’t his fault. 

As the SEC investigation technically isn’t his fault.

Do you see a pattern developing?

RonnieAs in, is Doyle Brunson the new Ronald Reagan?  You know, a brilliant, genial legend whose belief system and strength of will changed the course of history (in Reagan’s case, it was ending communism and enhancing America’s status in the world…in Brunson’s case…it was poker)…yet remained above the fray while wearing a teflon suit to avoid all culpability? ***

Doyle_colin_2Now thinking about it in those terms, comparing Doyle (at right with Snake) to the likely one agreed upon mutual icon among the Wicked Chops crew–Ronald Reagan– well, Doyle DOES deserve a free pass on everything, just like Reagan once did.  It was/is a Christmas/Hanukah/Kwanza gift enough just to have had him around, adding stability to the geopolitical/poker world.  We all owe a debt to Doyle, just like we did to Reagan. 

So Merry Christmas, Doyle Brunson.  Merry Christmas to you.

***Where did that come from?  Even the author didn’t see that coming…truly an unexpected turn…


3 Responses

  1. Andrew

    December 19, 2005 3:17 pm, Reply

    I got the package, was all excited, then opened it and was like, “what the hell?”
    This is why you guys can write this kind of stuff and I cant…

  2. Bull

    December 19, 2005 8:19 pm, Reply

    Reminds me of one time when some friends of mine asked me to write an article for publication on thier poker blog and then, after writing the article, they never posted it. Later on, they promised me a free tee-shirt with something written on it like “chopswickedpoker” or “wickedchopspoker” on it, but I never saw that either. Perhaps one day they will give me a free deck of Doyle’s Room cards or something.

  3. snake

    December 20, 2005 7:09 am, Reply

    bull, i told you…I used what you wrote to make the final table in a 1900 player MTT and decided afterwards it was way too good/valuable/poignant/racy and laced with sexual connotations to share with others.
    a deck of cards and a lovely doyle’s room bag of some sort (let’s call it a sack) is waiting at the wicked chops office for you.
    i’ll even throw in the online poker book as well…but based on your skill and success i doubt it’s of any use.

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