A WCP Public Service Announcement: Vote Today

We here at Wicked Chops Poker love Election Day. It’s the one day of the year that truly reflects who we are as a mass population (i.e. a bunch of uninformed, apathetic, take the freedom that we have for granted kind of people, way to go!)

However, let this post serve as a final reminder for those who still feel the sting from the UIGEA and have a Congress(person) or Senator who supported the Act: get out there and let your voice be heard. Sure, your vote may not matter at the end of the day, but at least you’ll feel good about yourself while casting that ballot.

And as you set off for the voting booth, please make sure to listen to this catchy little jingle from Bob Stupak, who may or may not still be running for Lt. Governor of Nevada (crank the volume). If you voted for people based on their ability to come up with catchy jingles, Bob Stupak would win in a freaking landslide.

UPDATE: Be sure to check out our friends over at Gambling911.com, who have some great stories on what politicians hate you because you play poker, like Arizona’s Jon Kyl. Seriously, Kyl frickin’ hates your guts. He told us this personally. Read about some of the efforts to get Kyl out of office, like the Poker Players Against Jon Kyl group that has injected life into a campaign to elect Kyl’s opponent, Jim Pederson.


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