A Woman Leads $5,000 7-Card Stud Event

Right right. You probably just read that headline and thought to yourself, "Those wacky Wicked Chops Poker guys. Always making shit up. A woman. That’s funny. They’re probably just gonna rag on some guy who is effeminate or whose real name is Jake Woman."

Cyndy_violetteBut we shit you not. Cyndy Violette–a woman–is dominating the $5,000 7CS event.

Now don’t get us wrong. The entities that comprise Wicked Chops Enterprises LLC LOVE women. We’ve stated this many a times. We even love the crazy ones.

And we think that if a woman were to actually win a WSOP event (non ladies only, of course), that it would be a feat on par with Amelia Earhart crossing the Atlantic, Elizabeth Blackwell becoming the first woman doctor in the U.S., and Billie Jean King becoming the first woman to ever beat a man at any sport.

What? Violette already owns a WSOP bracelet? As do several other great women players? And she’s considered one of the best female players in the game? Interesting. VERY interesting.

Well then, Violette is stacked at 157,000. 16 remain of the 183 entered. First gets $256,620. Other notables include: Allen Kessler (100,500), Russ Salzer (80,500), Miami John Cernuto (57,000), Sean Sheikhan (56,000), David Grey (46,000), David Singer (21,500). No one else remaining is notable.

* Image from CyndyViolette.com.


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  1. cl russo

    July 20, 2006 7:35 pm, Reply

    I’m so hot for Cyndy. I would, like, TOTALLY have sex with her.
    And I mean until I, you know, finish. Preferably in the vicinity of those luscious boobies.
    Just thought you should know

  2. Arenas

    November 20, 2019 1:07 pm, Reply

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