Absolute-ly Disappointing

SerindaswanpokerOnline poker site AbsolutePoker.com dropped a press release today announcing that its fantastically hot spokesmodel Serinda Swan has a new website — www.SerindaSwan.com — featuring exclusive WSOP news and “personal photographs, a blog and other enticing gems.”

The release states, in part:

“Serinda Swan is on the ground in Las Vegas for the 2007 World Series of Poker. She’ll spend the next few weeks relaying photographs, interesting stories, breaking news and other exciting WSOP-related content to the entire online poker community through her new site.”

While it is true that Serinda is here at the WSOP in all her glory, at the time the press release first appeared this morning the URL above bearing her name brought you to some shit-ass-done version of ChipLeader.com, the affiliate hawking site for AbsolutePoker.com and UltimateBet.com. Other times we checked, it did actually bring us to a page featuring the GUESS Watch model but it looked like something a marginally tech savvy 5th grader kid did in about half an hour. Type in the URL without the “www” and it redirects you to the actual ChipLeader.com site with zilch about Serinda. Finally it looks like they’re updating the site as they go today, many hours after they distributed their press release on the wire hyping the site and Serinda’s WSOP coverage. Looks better, although the WSOP coverage page still says “Coming Soon”.

All very disappointing, which seems to be something AbsolutePoker.com is good at doing. From reportedly dropping FOWCP/poker player fave Lacey Jones without advance notice to sucking ass in responding to the hijacking of Tao of Poker by one of their affiliates, the Costa Rican-wived gang at Absolute Poker seem content with sucking when it comes to this kind of stuff, which is fine we suppose, because you can make a lot of money from sucking, if that’s your thing.

After the jump are screen shots from the URL today at various times illustrating the sucking above.





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