Absolute Poker Affiliate Hijacks Poker Blog

So apparently Tao of Poker, a “poker blog,” was hacked and jacked last week by an Absolute Poker affiliate, an “asshole,” who was hoping to make a quick buck from people going to Tao of Poker to read one of Pauly’s multiloquent missives about poker-ing only to be redirected to Absolute Poker instead and say, “Hey, this looks intriguing, this online poker stuff, and if this site is Absolute Poker it must be the real deal, like no messing around because it’s Absolute man, like the vodka but spelled differently. Shit I’m drunk. Why are my pants down?” Anyway, word we have is one of Absolute’s affiliates is raking in some serious six figures, almost seven. Sure it’s in yen but that is some mad rice cake. Which leads us to ask, unrelatedly, isn’t Tao pronounced Dow, like in Dow Jones? And if so, why does everyone call Pauly’s blog and the club in Vegas “Tow” as in the word towel without the -el?” Just asking.

Ok, go read Pauly’s email letter to Absolute Poker, which “crispins” (street slang for “slaps on the wrist”) the poker site for failing to do anything yet about the hijacking.


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