Absolute Poker Says ‘Geek’ Employee Hacked System, Unicorns are Real

UnicornIt wasn’t Scott Tom or AJ Green who cheated players out of hundreds of thousands of dollars on the online poker site AbsolutePoker.com, an anonymous company spokesman told MSNBC this afternoon.

In news that will surely be dismissed by those who have been following the scandal and likely only make matters worse for Absolute, true or not, the spokesman claimed that instead it was some “geek (employee) trying to prove senior managment that they were wrong” who hacked into their system and exploited a flaw that allowed him to see other player’s hole cards.

“We acknowledge a significant internal security breach whereby a resource who was infinitely knowledgeable about the system was able to get into the accounts in question. He played on those accounts and he saw hole cards,” the spokesman told MSNBC without naming the employee.

“We have closed that security breach and we have identified a very serious issue internally as far as communications flow and we’re resolving that,” he said.

The spokesman also told MSNBC that the employee did not withdraw any of the money from the accounts that were used and that the company was contemplating filing a lawsuit and criminal charges against the employee.

Adam Small, co-owner of the Costa Rican-based PocketFives.com, talked with an official from Absolute Poker last night and is quoted in the article saying, “What they said on the phone was that it was not Scott Tom … and that (the employee) has sort of framed Scott Tom.”

Sort of framed? Say what?

In just as credible news, the spokesman concluded by saying he saw a unicorn the other day ridden by a stripper who’s really into him.

Full article here.

Images of unicorns here.


UPDATE: Absolute Poker has gone hush since yesterday while the forums continue to swell with chatter. One of the most interesting reads we’ve found has to be online poker pro Chris Savage’s thread on PocketFives.com about a call he had last night with someone from the UltimateBet/Absolute Poker system. The person asked Savage: “What if the latest release from AP is all that they can give you? Are the people causing the most uproar over this going to risk killing online poker just to hang someone?” From what we’ve seen, most are responding to that question along the lines of P5er “New Shawboy” who said, “If the only online poker world I can live in is one where guys like Scott Tom can violate our trust and not be personally accountable, then I don’t want to be part of it.”

Check out the thread here.


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  1. sal-man

    October 19, 2007 10:39 pm, Reply

    pls tell me how anyone could be playing on Absolute now after all of this. even if, or especially if, it was a rogue employee who is behind the cheating.

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