Absolute Poker Talking; Statement on Insider Cheating Expected Today

AbsolutepokerdotcomWe’ve been playing catch up on the Absolute Poker cheating scandal but it seems things are coming to a head now, whatever that means. In addition to the word late yesterday from Absolute Poker’s Costa Rican neighbors PocketFives.com, Gambling911.com is also reporting today that the online poker site has finally admitted what everyone has been saying for the past month, that a breach had occurred internally.

Company officials have told Gambling911.com that “Absolute had only uncovered who the culprit was Thursday” and that “no management personnel were involved in this incident” which in layman’s terms means they found a scapegoat yesterday. It also means anyone who still is playing on Absolute has the IQ of a shoe.

Finally, Gambling911.com was told that “Players who were affected by this unfortunately situation will be paid in full.” But as Paul Phillips notes in a comment to one of his own recent blog posts, it is highly unlikely that Absolute will compensate everyone who was affected by the cheating as the list extends to anyone who has ever shared a table with these guys.

What hasn’t been said yet is what will happen to the criminals who have stole hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, from online poker players for who knows how long. Tossing salad for a dozen years or so in a Costa Rican jail sounds like justice to us, but is unlikely.

Stay tuned here for the latest news on the Absolute Poker cheating scandal as an official statement from Absolute is expected later today. Or hang in the forums for the latest. They likely won’t be napping this afternoon like us.


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