Absolute Shocker: Did AJ Green et al. Scam $7 Mil with Super User Account?

AjgreenjennywooOnline gaming portal Point-Spreads.com is reporting tonight that it has well-placed sources in Costa Rica who are claiming that the Absolute Poker super-user account scam has been going on much, much longer and involves much, much more money than previously thought:

“[T]he scam has been going on for three years and the actual amount that was skimmed from online poker players is estimated at close to $7 million, not the 700k amount that was previously reported. The actual amount is still unknown as an internal audit is underway.

A former employee of Absolute Poker confirmed to Point-Spreads.com that the security department at AP suspected something years ago and we’re told it was just the owners testing out the system and to forget about it.”

Their sources are also saying what most already believed to be true, that it was Scott Tom who was observing tables using the super-user account while AJ Green (seen in photo with Gambling911’s Jenny Woo and her breasts) played as Potripper.

The story goes on to say that the plane carrying Scott Tom, his pregnant wife Gilda Cort├ęs, Oscar Hilt Tatum IV (Absolute’s director of CS) and Tatum’s wife Sarah Bennet that crashed on the runway in Costa Rica this past September was rumored to have also been carrying a cargo of $2-3 million in cash. How anyone would know that, besides the Toms and Tatums, beats us.

Finally, sources in Costa Rica confirm what we’ve been hearing more and more from our sources, that AJ Green was a divisive personality, or put another way, a total shit-head.

Read the entire Points-Spread.com piece here.

This post written while an Absolute Poker television commercial runs on ESPN during the WSOP broadcast.


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  1. juan valdez

    October 23, 2007 12:11 pm, Reply

    I know AJ Green, I sold him coke about a year ago. if You see him tell the gringo I’m running a sale this month.

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