Adriana Lima Because Nothing Interesting Is Happening Today

AdrianalimacardsThere isn’t much happening today in the world of poker that we care about, or care to make up, so here is a photo of a skivvy-wearin’, card-wieldin’ and allegedly virginal Adriana Lima (click photo-you likey), who we think answers the question “What is Sexy?” better than Giselle Bundchen does and perhaps a tad bit better than Doutzen Kroes and about the same as Olga Kurylenko, and besides, we also think the name “Adriana Lima” is a helluva lot sexier (and easier to say) than “Giselle Bundchen,” “Doutzen Kroes” and “Olga Kurylenko,” not that were that into “names” when it comes to bangin’ chicks answering the question “What is sexy?” because when it comes down to it they could be named Liverwurst, Steamed Vegetables and Potted Meat Food Product and we’d still bang them senselessly while calling out the names of food we’d prefer not to eat, let alone be in the same room with, our wives and Allah willing.

After the jump are more photos of Adriana Lima, and if that isn’t enough for you, check out Adriana looking hot while making weird faces over at Oh and this might as well be today’s Friday Night Parting Shot because it’s Friday and Adriana fits the bill like a champ.



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