Afternoon Poker Links from the 2008 WSOP + Guess the Chick with the Tat

• A day after getting knocked off his scooter by a fan, Doyle Brunson wishes fans would just let him pee. (link)

Rizen‘s got some explaining to do on Ultimate Bet signing. (link)

Shaniac‘s back blogging, calling out Doug Kim for being a schmucky tool and being sort of a schmucky tool himself with guidelines on how to deal with him at the WSOP. (link, link)

• Speaking of, Jean-Robert Bellande. (link)

• Dr. Pauly gets deep about Eskimo Clark and recalls Erick Lindgren‘s sick golf prop bet last summer. (link)

BodogAri is recup’d and blogging again, apparently isn’t a fan of McCain or Obama. Or CardRunners. (link)

Shannon Shorr jumps back into blogging his WSOP. (link)

• Still not Johnny, Terrence Chan is blogging his series. (link)

Vanessa Rousso, who went to Duke, pops her cherry with a video blog debut about whatever she ended up talking about after she says “I am professional poker player Vanessa Rousso.” (link)

• On Facebook? Send WCP contributing cougar Michele Lewis an application, she’ll love it. (link)

• The PokerCrack Girls are pretty hot, dig bald dudes. (link)

Guess the tat-legged chick below. We’ll give you a hint, her name rhymes with Fikki Glows. Photo answer (NSFW-ish) after the jump . . .


More Vikki Blows



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  1. Brian Heptinstall

    June 5, 2008 11:25 pm, Reply

    WTF is with Shane? I know that it’s tough to concentrate on the game, but hell, everyone else does it in stride. Funny how the spotlight really shows people for who they are.

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