AK-Rod Scolded for Loose Play

Arod2story As reported here last month, AK-Rod has been spotted in illegal poker clubs all over NYC.  Now multiple media outlets are reporting that the New York Yankees have apparently warned AK-Rod that ‚Äúplaying poker in illegal clubs could be dangerous and harmful to his image.‚Äù 

And to this warning and the subsequent AK-Rod backlash, Wicked Chops Poker would like to start the following Bad News Bears in Breaking Training-esque chant (picture William Devane at the Astrodome):

Letthemplaycopy‚ÄúLet him play!  Let him play!‚Äù

That‚Äôs right.  We refuse to pile on AK-Rod because he‚Äôs been spotted at illegal poker clubs.  We here at Wicked Chops Poker praise him. 

If there‚Äôs one elite player in all of sports with absolutely zero street cred, it‚Äôs AK-Rod.  He makes Peyton Manning seem ghetto. 

This is not like Michael Jordan ‚Äúallegedly‚Äù betting on basketball games during his prime and being forced into exile on the baseball field.  What we‚Äôre dealing with here is just a baseball all-timer that likes playing cards in underground New York clubs.  The same types of clubs that Lederer, Seidel, and Ungar honed their wicked poker chops

We‚Äôre under no illusion that AK-Rod has professional poker ambitions.  But damn, if it‚Äôs good enough for the Professor, it should be good enough for AK-Rod. 

Think about it.  If you had another abysmal playoff performance and were getting absolutely killed by absolutely every sports reporter across the country, wouldn‚Äôt you want to plunk your ass down on a seat at the nearest poker Alba3table and grind away?  We‚Äôd be ignoring bat racks for chips stacks too.

Jeter1arodAK-Rod plays poker in illegal clubs.  Good for him.  In our book, that makes him the second coolest Yankee, right behind Derek Jeter (telling AK-Rod he’s #1, at left).  And the only reason Jeter ranks ahead of AK-Rod is because he gets to bang every hot chick on Manhattan island (Exhibit A at right).  In fact, this latest ‚Äúscandal‚Äù elevates AK-Rod‚Äôs Wicked Chops Q rating right up there with Rocco Mediate and Shannon Sharpe. 

So to the Yankees, sports radio pundits, and all of the other AK-Rod haters out there, please: ‚ÄúLet him play!  Let him play!‚Äù


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