Alex Balandin is on a Freaking Tear

Alex Balandin, who started Day 4 with around 150k, is on a freaking tear. Balandin is now the chip leader, stacked at approximately 950k.

Day 3 chip leader David Chiu isn’t playing as well today. He’s taken some hits and is down to 350k.

FOWCPs Vaughn Sandman and Igor Federal continue their climb, stacked at 488k and 450k respectively. Daniel Negreanu, Annie Duke, Joe Hachem, and Allen Cunningham are still alive as well.

Some big busts today so far include Cyndy Violette, who also busted out (ba-dum-dum), as well as Tom McEvoy, Hoyt Corkins, and Ted Forrest.

Aproximately 350 players remain…


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