All In The Musical Song Title Are a Joke, Right? Seriously Though, Right?


Thanks to one of our readers walking through the Rio in Las Vegas for snapping a photo of the "All In: The Poker Musical" poster.

As we first reported, this Entities-can’t-believe-is-really-happening production held at the Rio July 4th and 5th and starring Phil Hellmuth among others also has a Entities-can’t-believe-the-song-titles song list.

We really hope there’s a huge degree of irony and tongue-in-cheekiness going on with this thing, because "I’m Gonna Bad Beat You Boy" really, really has us worried. Almost as terrifying sounding as being hoyt corkin’d. 


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  1. Cali Jen

    June 29, 2008 7:01 pm, Reply

    I know my pair is bigger than yours?
    OMG. It hurts to read the sign – emotionally, psychologically, maybe even physically.

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