All Right, This Shit is Getting Scary

Jon_turner_ginger Super_gingerJames_mcmanus_ginger_3Mark_vos

Ok, they really are multiplying.

We’ve dubbed this The Year of the ProTM and The Year of Hot Girls Going DeepTM, but the 2008 WSOP Main Event may really be The Year of The Gingers’ RevengeTM.

This is out of control.

First, we have Jon “Pearljammer” Turner, who is so sly in his gingerness he’s actually gotten us to like him. He ran it up to over a mil but recently busted.

Then we have the Super Ginger, Cory Albertson. Super Ginger was wearing orange shades, jacket, and was even sitting at an “orange” table yesterday. He’s doing well at 640,000.

Next to him is James McManus. James is responsible for sucking the soul out of Positively Fifth Street author, James McManus. See, they’re not even the same guy. Creepy. What did he do with the real McManus? We may never know. Ginger McManus is among the big stacks with 1.6M.

Then there’s WSOP bracelet winner Mark Vos. With a disposition that some may call “fiery,” Vos has been among the chip leaders from the get go, and is currently stacked at 1,115,000.

And it gets worse. Below is a ginger who we don’t even know. Plus we saw this guy again. He’s still in. And there’s more where he came from. Even Johnny Chan is going ginger (although you can’t tell with the cap on, but remember, he has red hair). Yes, as we all know, Asians are immune to the ginger gene, but being ginger is so “cool” right now during the 2008 WSOP Main Event, even legends like Chan have decided to “go orange.” It’s like when Will & Grace and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy were popular in 2003. Everyone followed the trend. Let’s just say we did some things that year that we don’t talk about. Ever. Fucking trends.

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