All We’re Saying Is This…

Yevgeniy_timoshenko If Yevgeniy Timoshenko had a really sick and twisted sense of humor, he'd (yep, that's a he) would put on a long blonde wig, some high heels, and try to make out with a guy in a bar…after which he'd go all Crying Game and reveal he's actually a dude, so the friends of the poor guy he was making out with would be all like, "You were making out with a dude, dude! Ah dude! Hahahahaha! Dude!"

We're sure someone like Gavin Smith would pay top dollar to have Yevgeniy do that to Sebok, right? Greatest prop bet ever?

Timoshenko is currently among the chip leaders on Day 4 of the WPT Championship. Phil Ivey and Scotty Nguyen are making charges too. Follow the action here.


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