“Alright, I’m All-In, Baby.”
Scotty Nguyen Wins WPT World Poker Open

Wpt1Scotty Nguyen has won his first WPT championship, beating Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi heads-up for the World Poker Open title in Tunica. 

As reported in Card Player, on the final hand, Scotty and Mizrachi are about even in chips.  Scotty has the button and raises.  Grinder re-raises Scotty, who thinks about it for a minute before announcing, "Alright, I’m all-in, baby!"  Grinder calls.  Scotty has As-Qs, Grinder Ah-Jc.  Nguyen ends up rivering the nut flush and takes the title. 

Scotty, one of 168 Nguyens who have cashed in tournaments (for real, check out the Hendon Mob database) banks $969,421, a gold bracelet, and a seat into the $25,000 WPT World Championship at the Bellagio this April.

Official final table pay-outs were: 1) Scotty Nguyen $969,421, 2) Michael Mizrachi – $566,352, 3) Raul Paez -$298,908, 4) Gavin Smith – $173,052, 5) An Tran – $125,856, 6) Bau Le – $88,099.


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