Amarillo Slim Playing $5-10 Hold’em at Bellagio Friday Night

Amarillo-slim Well, he must not have been beaten up too bad.

We received text messages from WCP readers last night that poker legend Amarillo Slim was playing the $5-10 hold’em game at the Bellagio in Las Vegas last night.

This, just days after getting mangled and mugged.

Slim had a finger in a splint, but otherwise seemed OK. Apparently some railbirds were snapping photos of him and Bellagio security kindly escorted them away.

If any of you photo takers are reading this, please send said photos to, or start a new thread and post them here.


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  1. michele lewis

    February 1, 2009 9:06 pm, Reply

    He was probably killing time waiting to get into the 10-20 or 20-40 Omaha Hi Lo game. He plays it often and playing 5 – 10 is a good way to sit closely and observe the table.

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