Amnon Fillippi Has Something In Common with Rosie O’Donnell…

…and no, it’s not that they both munch carpet.

If you recall, Rosie caused an uproar with her "Ching Chong" talk on The View late last year.

Apparently, Amnon Fillippi shares the same, uh, view as Rosie on the matter of Asian flavored humor. In an interview with Kimberly Lansing at the WPT Turks and Caicos (an island whose capital city, if we haven’t mentioned it yet, is called Cockburn Town), Amnon tells Danny Wong that his name probably isn’t "Danny" so much as it’s "shoing shoing shoing."

Watch the video here.

We here at Wicked Chops Poker are outraged! We would never make offensive jokes of this nature–EVER–about anyone–particularly Asians. But if we did, it’d still be OK since 1/3 of the Entities is married to someone who is 1/2 Asian. So there’s that whole thing. Makes it OK.

In related news, Kimberly Lansing is wearing a bikini in the below video clip.


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