An Obit for OddJack


The blogging community has lost a good one.

Last week, OddJack was given its walking papers.  Today, it’s officially sent to the rail.

We were always big fans of OddJack, and not just because AJ frequently linked up our site and sent us a bunch of traffic.

OddJack was funny, inventive stuff.  We had similar styles. It’s a shame Gawker pulled the plug.  It’s like if NBC had axed Seinfeld after its first season.  Or if it does the same to the Office now.

From its "feuds" with Tomer Benvenisti and Josh Arieh, to its hilarious polls, to its even funnier headlines, OddJack will be missed.



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  1. snake

    December 2, 2005 8:00 am, Reply

    yes, long live AJ and Oddjack.
    ok, maybe it’s too late to be saying that considering gawker pulled the proverbial plug but thanks for the consistently great read.

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