Ana Marquez, A Woman, Leads 2011 PCA Main Event

Ana Marquez, a woman, get this--leads the 2011 PCA Main Event.

Wait wait wait a minute. What’s going on at the 2011 PCA Main Event?

With 22 remaining, Ana Marquez, a woman, is chip leader, stacked at 3,805,000. If that’s not shocking enough, Chris Moneymaker is second overall with 3,765,000.

Let’s concentrate on the one without the penis first. Ana is a Spanish cutie who apparently used to date Mike Sowers and now is allegedly attached to Bryn Kenney. She has one career cash (at a Venetian Deepstack).

As for Moneymaker, well, you know. Namesake of the Moneymaker EffectTM, etc. etc.

Other notables remaining are the aforementioned Mike Sowers (3,180,000) and Sam Stein (3,085,000).

Get full chip counts here.

* Photo courtesy of PokerStars Blog.


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