And Then There Were Two…

Watch Leo Margets Is Almost the Last Woman Standing on

With 185 in the field, we’re down to two girls remaining for the Last Woman Standing CupTM.

Nichoel “StatsAKA” Peppe is the big stack of the two remaining females with 1,630,000. According to Andrew Feldman’s Poker Edge Podcast , Peppe is a cash game pro from SoCal who is married to Tad Jergens (this guy).

Also remaining is Leo Margets from Barcelona with around 500,000. Leo, who is friends with our favorite Spanish blog, Poquer-Red, shared with us her thoughts on being the Last Woman Standing and playing in the Main Event in the above vid.

UPDATE: Both Last Women Standing, Leo Margets and Nichoel Peppe, are at the same table today.


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