Andreea Mantea Brings You Today’s Poker News Link Dump

Romanian TV personality Andreea Mantea might be the only person in the world not reporting on the Detox Poker Series right now.

Lots of online poker regulation and legislative maneuvering, wrangling, and news in general going on. That and Detox Poker. Holy crap Matt Savage got some people to cover that one, huh?

:: Zynga gets into the Asian MarketTM by launching a Chinese language poker site. [link]

:: Will the white man allow Indian tribes to cash in on (allegedly) opening up online poker markets in the U.S.? [link]

:: Feds are ramping up their efforts to crush/cash in on payment processors before the UIGEA goes bye-bye. [link]

:: The EPT Berlin robbers are having their day in court. [link]

:: Coolio threatens the Donk Down guys. We’re not making this up. Unfortunately, you can’t fast forward their podcasts…so you’ll have to wait about 30 minutes to get to it. [link]

:: Miserable Fuck! [link]

:: At 26, Antonio Cromartie almost has as many kids as Phil Hellmuth has bracelets. [link]

:: Andrew is still not the father. [link]

:: If Carlos Mortensen were around, this bull would’ve never jumped into the stands and attacked the audience. You know all of the other bulls who watched this happen were like, “Oh hell yeah. I know what I’m doing when I go on next…” [link]

More of Romanian model and TV host Andreea Mantea here.

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