Anna Benson Is A Meanie

Annabensonwsop1Sure, we often refer to Anna Benson as a trashy hot publicity whore.

And recently labeled her a bitch and the most despicable person at this year’s WSOP.

But truth be told, we actually love Anna Benson. And what’s not to love about a poker playin’, PETA hatin’, Michael Moore loathin’, gun totin’, ex-stripper MILF with a southern accent and a smokin’ hot bod she ain’t afraid to show and use, a lot?

So if we ever talked unkindly of Anna, well, we just thought that’s how poker playin’, PETA hatin’, Michael Moore loathin’, gun totin’, ex-stripper MILFs with southern accents and smokin’ hot bods like to be talked to. You know, dirty. "Oh, you dirty, trashy hot, publicity whore, you." That’s how you talk to girls. It’s hot.

Apparently she doesn’t see it that way. Anna was recently chatting with the fine folks over at about Wicked Chops Poker and said some very hurtful things about us.

"WickedChopsPoker are nobodies, the site is garbage. is a respected website," Anna quipped when asked about our previously "misconstrued" unflattering remarks about her.

Ouch. So mean, Anna. Lots of people don’t realize this, but Wicked Chops Poker doesn’t have "thick" skin. In fact, our skin is like papier mache. We hurt. We bleed. We cry.

Thankfully Anna, we have our current/first wives’ shoulders to cry on because if we didn’t we’d have to go out and find some poker playin’, PETA hatin’, Michael Moore loathin’, gun totin’, ex-stripper MILF with a southern accent and smokin’ hot bod and bang her senselessly until her eyes rolled back in her head just to get over the hurt of what you said. Because we’re sensitive like that.

Except replace all of the wimpy things we said in the previous two paragraphs with the exact opposite. That’s slightly closer to the truth. Except replace "slightly" with "much much more."

Annagreger_1_1Anyway, besides being all those things we said about her, Benson is also a liar or whatever it is you call someone when they say something untrue and know that it is untrue. When asked her about Wicked Chops Poker’s "unflattering account" of her at this year’s World Series of Poker, Anna responded:

"I’m a nice person. This was my first World Series of Poker tournament and after sitting there for so many hours, I was just getting very uncomfortable. I didn’t mean to upset anyone."

Her first WSOP? Did Anna somehow forget that she played last year’s WSOP, had someone wager $10k that she’d win it and boasted that she lasted to the end of the third day, beat out 1200 other players and "shocked the poker professionals that gathered to watch her?"

Perhaps though we’ll give Anna the benefit of the doubt here. Maybe she was just saying this was her first event at this year’s WSOP and not first WSOP ever. And you know, maybe we here at Wicked Chops Poker are too quick to jump on Anna the minute she opens her mouth.

Not like she’s not used to guys jumping on her the minute she opens her mouth.

After the jump, a video of Anna opening her mouth…among other things.


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  1. Bull

    August 26, 2006 6:23 pm, Reply

    You guys should be nice to Anna. She lives in Atlanta and likes poker. You should invite her to the next game.

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