Anne Heche’s Ex-Hubby is Father of the Year

LaffoonWe’re not so much experts in child rearing as we are experts at child making and getting greeting cards in the mail every Father’s Day from random kids in Alabama, Mississippi and the South Pacific. So this may explain why we don’t quite get how the certfiably insane, former lesbiana Anne Heche is claiming her ex-hubby, Coley Lafoon, was “not a proper stay-at-home parent” just because he leaves their 5-year-old son with nannies while he “plays pingpong, backgammon and poker and views pornography online.”

Perhaps we’re just missing something here but isn’t that what nannies are for, or put another way, what’s the point of having kids, if not for nannies.

Heche also complains that Laffoon “holds a poker game at his home every Thursday night and allows Homer to participate.”

So what’s wrong with . . . wait . . . the kid’s name is Homer? Homer Laffoon? Damn, that’s cruel. And Heche is worried about the kid being left with nannies? What about other kids kicking the shit out of him at day care ’cause his name is Homer Laffoon?

Anyway, that’s enough about Anne Heche. Fuckin’ hate Anne Heche.

For a somewhat related story that puts forth our well thought out position on all this, read our “Brad Pitt Likes Poker More Than His Adopted Kids” post.


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