Annette Obrestad, A Woman, Among 2010 Aussie Millions Chip Leaders

Not sure if she did this on purpose for our Aussie Millions posts or not, but more pics are out of Australian model Miranda Kerr naked in GQ.

Day 4 of the 2010 Aussie Millions Main Event wrapped with 18 players remaining.

The awesomely named Kosmas Dratsas is the overnight chip leader, stacked at 1,792,000. Annette Obrestad, a woman, is making yet another major tournament (and Aussie Millions) charge, as she’s second overall with 1,711,000.

You may recall, Obrestad nearly ushered in the apocolypse by capturing the first WSOPE Main Event. Fortunately, that didn’t happen. We’re all still here. Unless it did happen and we’re in some parallel universe and we don’t even know it. That’s right. We just blew your mind. Damn.

Sorel Mizzi is third with 1,695,000. Dan Shak is sixth overall with 1,144,000. Funny, Dan Shak’s ex Beth tweeted:

Luv all the comments on fb..congrats 2 Dan..not enough money in the world to change my marital status”

Also remaining, although short-stacked, is Jessica Dawley, a woman, with 295,000.

Get full chip counts here. More new Miranda Kerr naked in GQ (NSFW) here.


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