Annie Duke Goes Heads Up Against Joan Rivers in Celebrity Apprentice

We broke last November that Annie Duke finished at least in the top two on the Celebrity Apprentice, and sure enough she did, making the finals with Joan Rivers on Sunday night's episode.

As we wrote last week, Annie is kind of like the Richard Hatch of the season. She's easily manipulating and playing the game better than anyone. But she's also raised the most money for charity and she's won the most challenges as project manager. It'll be hard to make a case against her winning the whole thing, but given Donald Trump's sometimes arbitrary way of judging things, and also given that coming into this Annie was nowhere near the level of celebrity as Joan Rivers (pictured here) was, well, it's probably still up in the air.

We've heard everything from two different versions of the final were already taped (one with Annie winning, one with Joan), to the finale hasn't even filmed yet and it's live (which we think is right), but if we do catch advance word on what the deal is, we'll let you know.

Below is Annie's Chicken of the Sea jingle/commercial that defeated Clint Black for the final challenge victory.


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