Annie Duke Has Issues

Anniedukeissues_1Annie Duke, a woman poker player (one of the 50 plus who remain on Day 2), was pretty fired up when we just walked by her table. She was talking to her brother Howard Lederer on her cell and was worked up about the announcement they just made saying they’re already half way through today’s field of 1800 (after less than 2 levels). So if they’re down to 900 already on Day 2A, they most likely will be way below 500 players if they play out the full 6 levels, which is basically half the number of players set to cash in this year’s main event (873). What does that mean? We have no clue. We suck at math and logic and all that brainy stuff, but Annie tells us that tomorrow’s Day 2B field has the distinct advantage of knowing exactly where they stand and stalling to the disadvantage of today’s flight.

So what is Annie doing about it?

She’s having her big brother take care of things.

“My brother is calling Jeffrey Pollack,” she repeatedly told everyone around her.

By the way, this is the first time the WSOP folks have had to deal with two flights on Day 2, and it will be interesting to see how it plays out and when we say how it plays out we mean how they will fuck this up.

One more pic of Annie all worked up after the jump.



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