Annie Duke, If We Are Wrong, We’ll Take You to Dinner

Annie_duke_poker_player Here’s the thing, we like Annie Duke, a woman. She’s smart. She gets great mainstream exposure, which in turn, raises the profile of the game for all. She’s been a good ambassador for poker.

We reported that Annie will be leaving Ultimate Bet and signing on with another site. We had multiple sources on this. Didn’t know a timeframe, but heard it was inevitable.

Annie disagrees with us. She has come out and said this to

"Lord…I’ll tell you.  It is amazing that if someone just says something on the internet all of a sudden people think it is true.  The other day Wicked Chops posted that I am leaving for another site.  I can tell you that if it is true that was the first I had heard about it!  I would love someone from the site that I am moving to to call me and tell me the deal I am getting to leave UB."

Annie, if you are not with another site by November 6th, 2009, one year from today, we will treat you to a steak dinner at the restaurant of your choice. If you’ve gone veg, we’ll take you somewhere else. Doesn’t matter. But the offer is out there. Dinner, wine, all the fixings. We’ll take both you and Joe Reitman. 1/3 of the Entities who comprise Wicked Chops Poker has met Joe and likes him too, although he’d probably like to punch us collectively in the face. Regardless, it’ll be good times.

Seriously though if you pick N9ne Steakhouse, that’s cool. We’ll get the s’mores for desert.


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