Annie Duke to Leave Ultimate Bet?
Annie Duke Wins Celebrity Apprentice?

So we’re hearing that Annie Duke may be leaving Ultimate Bet. If it happens, what the f’ took so long? And will Phil Hellmuth follow?

The speculation is Duke will join Team Full Tilt, which wouldn’t be a shocker given her brother’s affiliation with the site. This would make Duke Team FTP’s most prominent female personality, which probably won’t sit too well with Jen Harmon.

In related Duke news (and this is more speculative than the above), word is she at a minimum finished in the top two in this season’s Celebrity Apprentice and may have in fact won it.

These two stories would make sense when tied together. While 60 Minutes may have put a brief hold on its hatchet job on online poker and Ultimate Bet, it will still run, and Duke’s association with the site would surely be brought up. And with an appearance (and possible deep run) on Celebrity Apprentice, Duke’s profile would never be higher.



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  1. Queenie

    November 4, 2008 8:20 am, Reply

    Wow that really would be a bummer for UB, with only Phil left. Annie Duke is one of the nicest poker persons ever btw, love her and wish her all the best!
    Grtz, Q

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