Annie Duke to Testify at H.R. 2267 Internet Gambling Regulation Meeting

Annie Duke is in D.C. to testify before the House Financial Services Committee Wednesday at 2pm ET.

Annie Duke will speak at Wednesday’s 2pm ET House Financial Services Committee hearing on Internet gambling.

Duke, testifying on behalf of the Poker Players Alliance, joins four other panelists, including (copy + paste from the House Financial Services website):

Importantly, there is no markup of the H.R. 2267 bill scheduled. So don’t expect much momentum to shift here. Just another hearing. From every source we’ve spoken with–even among the most optimistic of the bunch–no one believes anything significant is going to happen with H.R. 2267 before the mid-term elections, and we could be in a long, long grind if the Republicans take over the House in November.

Anyway, you can watch the hearings via live web stream at 2pm ET here.


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