Announcing: This Week In Poker

The new synergistic poker media property from The Entities, This Week in Poker.

The other day we were sitting around and talking about how we didn’t have enough to do.

“Man, we don’t have enough on our plate,” The Addict said. “Yeah,” Chops continued, “We need to figure out a way to create some new media synergies off some low hanging fruit.” After much contemplating, Snake said, “Fellas, can we get our ducks in a row here, launch a new show about poker–no need to reinvent the wheel after all–and create a first-mover advantage in a disruptive technology ROI actionable items exploit benchmarking touch base facilitate dialouge granular nimble agility synergize!”

“Yeah!” exclaimed Charles, our photographer…/… /… /…

Sooooooo, we decided to team up with the Jason Calacanis/Kevin Pollak team that created the network and launch This Week In Poker.

TWiPoker is a weekly live stream show (every Tuesday, 1pm) hosted by The Entities. Viewers will have the chance for real-time interaction and interviews with top poker pros, celebs and industry insiders (along with small doses of poker news).

Debuts Tuesday, June 15 at 1p PST…more to come in the coming week…

Read more about here.


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