Announcing Wicked Chops Poker Insider

Our front-end info will still be good, but our back-end will be fantastic.

For years, we’ve been asked to open the vault on all of the industry inside information we know. All of the gossip, the backstories, and our (and others’) perspective and analysis on industry events and trends.

To borrow a line from Zeppelin, “now’s the time, the time is now.” Starting this September, we are going to launch a new service: Wicked Chops Poker Insider.

While the front-end content on Wicked Chops will virtually remain the same, the Insider back-end will provide a deeper look at the poker world.

And we’ve assembled a team of some of the best independent poker writers and thought-leaders to help us deliver this content to you.

Sign up in the box below to learn more and for a special introductory rate.


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