Anti-Online Gambling Crusader Gov. Eliot Spitzer Linked to Prostitution Ring

Eliot Spitzer involved in prostitution ringIn news just breaking, New York Governor, superdelegate and anti-online gambling crusader Eliot Spitzer, a Democrat, is reportedly one of the “clients” identified in the Emperor’s Club V.I.P. prostitution ring busted up by feds last week.

A married father of three, Spitzer is best known as the corruption-busting former Attorney General of New York where he was a major force in stopping credit card companies from dealing with online gambling sites and who famously prosecuted the landmark case against Jay Cohen and World Interactive Gaming Corp.

In 2003, just ahead of the online poker boom, Spitzer said that credit card companies transacting with online gambling sites have “enabled gamblers to wreak sudden financial devastation on themselves and their families. In this insidious form of gambling, no physical or financial barrier insulates the gambler from the potential for significant financial losses.”

For the breaking news story from the New York Times, go Emperors Club VIP Eliot Spitzer


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