Antonio Esfandiari, Chris Moneymaker on Entourage

Entourage gets more hate than Phil Hellmuth these days. You’d get less shit admitting you like The Bachelorette (can you believe Rated R had a girlfriend back home???!!!) than Entourage.

Regardless of the lame plots, Ari Gold is still worth the price of admission. Just for lines like this.

Anyway, Antonio Esfandiari and Chris Moneymaker had brief (and we mean brief) cameos in the season premiere this weekend. You won’t see them in the above clip, but if you blinked you probably didn’t see them in the actual episode either. In short, there’s a poker game taking place on set of Vince’s latest movie, and you get a quick shot of Moneymaker’s PokerStars patch and Esfandiari saying, “I’m all in.”


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