Antonio Esfandiari Leads WPT Five Diamond Poker Classic, Ivey Still Lurks

An impressive 438! entered the WPT Five Diamond Poker Classic, up one billion percent from last year’s field of 329.

A total of 100 players get paid, and first place will bank $870,124. For the record, Bellagio, there’s only like one newly minted WPT millionaire a year now, so would it have killed you to pay out 50 and reworked the structure so someone banks a million? Do you hate Mike Sexton and not enjoy him saying “WPT millionaire”?

At the end of Day 2, Antonio Esfandiari leads, stacked at 485,600. Along with the chip lead, Esfandiari gets a year supply of Blue Diamond Almonds some clothing from Rise (buy a hoodie here).

Lots of big names among the big stacks, including but certainly not limited to Faraz Jaka (364,400), the biggest toolbox in poker Doug Lee (355,000), Vanessa Rousso, a woman (334,100), Sorel Mizzi (332,400), Keith Gipson (325,100), Phil Ivey (308,100), and Doyle Brunson (295,400).

The average stack is 123,380.

We’re going to put it out there right now. Lots of positive momentum in poker, good buzz around this tournament…so…this will be one of the best if not the best WPT TV final tables of all-time. Or put another way, if Doyle, Phil Ivey, and Black Phil Ivey are among the final 12, they’re not going out 12, 9, and 8 respectively.

Get full chip counts here.


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