Antonius, Williams, Lindgren Lead WPT Championship After Day 2

AntoniusWe’re beginning to think this Patrik Antonius guy (at right) "gets" this whole no limit hold’em fad.  Lately, if he’s in a tournament, he always seems to be at or near the chip lead at some stage.  He currently leads everyone at the WPT Championship with 554,500.  Chops may even add Antonius to his ESPN/Bluff fantasy poker team, where he currently trails ESPN Poker Club guru Andrew Feldman (fixed!) but is way ahead of Seif, Furst, and Chip Jett (13th overall), among others.

And maybe, just maybe, we’ve been too hard on James Woods after he declared that his goal was to become the best poker player in the world.  Woods continues to post impressive tournament runs, and is currently 15th overall with 341,700.

And maybe, just maybe, we’ve been too hard on David Williams…well, we’ll leave that one alone.  But Williams does find himself stacked third overall with 497,500.

Too many big names to mention remain (but we’ll throw out Harmon, Men the Master, both Brunsons, Hellmuth, and Steve Dannenmann to name a few), and 204 are still around.  Check out Poker Wire for the counts.

*Antonius image from Poker Pages.


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