Anurag Dikshit Sells Remaining PartyGaming Shares for £105m

Reason #785,147 why Anurag Dikshit is a better person than the Entities: We'd have donated £500m to more or less buying Freida Pinto.

The unfortunately named Anurag Dikshit (pronounced DICK-SHIT) has sold his remaining stake in PartyGaming (38.8M shares) for £105m (approximately $170M USD).

Dikshit will donate the monies to his charitable organization, the Kusuma Trust. Apparently he doesn’t give a crap about Haiti.

We kid, we kid.

Dikshit in total has made £700m from his shares, of which he’s reportedly funneled £500m to his charity.

In related news, Party is rumored to be near a deal to merge with Bwin. Read more here and more on Dikshit here.

Sadly, this will likely be our last ever Anurag Dikshit post. Godspeed, Mr. Dikshit.




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