Anyone See Brandi Hawbaker Lately?

Claim made that Brandi Hawbaker died this week, speculation is she committed suicideWe’re not ones to trade in mere speculation or hearsay, or at least we don’t when we can’t substantiate it somehow, but last night we received a comment to one of our Brandi Hawbaker posts from a “Bob B. Bobson” of L.A. claiming that the dramabomb diva of poker had passed away at the age of 26.

Here’s what the commenter said:

You may want to know that Brandi Hawbaker (of semi-recent poker drama) died earlier this week. She was 26 years old.

I do not know any more than that, including how she died or any circumstances of her death, or even if there is a funeral planned. Even if I did know, it’s nobody’s business but her family and friends.

Posted by: Bob B. Bobson | April 16, 2008 at 09:47 PM

First, let us just say that we hope this isn’t in any way true. Second, we have every reason to believe it isn’t true as it would surely be on one of the poker forums already, posted by someone who knows her way better than we do, and we have absolutely no reason to trust this random commenter who we don’t know from Adam and who has never commented on our site in the past.

But the truth is we haven’t seen Brandi (aka Naami Dea) around the past month or so, she hasn’t played on FTP in awhile and after trying to contact her this morning, she has not yet reached back to us.

So we figured we’d ask . . . if you know anything, give us a shout.

Also, please don’t link to this post. We’re not interested in incoming links based on the baseless rumor of someone’s passing. Just if you know something, email us or comment. Or discuss elsewhere.


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