As Poker World Continues to Mourn the Loss of Jean-Robert Bellande on Survivor, Meaningless WPT Foxwoods World Poker Finals Continues

WptlogoWhile the elimination of Jean-Robert Bellande from Survivor: China continued to weigh heavy on the minds of every single poker player on the planet, the WPT Foxwoods World Poker Finals managed to buckle-down and move on…somehow.

While fans held a round-the-clock candlelight vigil outside the casino,* 23 year-old Internet pro Matt “mattg1983” Graham stormed to the chip lead, ending Day 2 play stacked at 587,300. This lead to rampant speculation inside the Wicked Chops offices on how one day, an Internet pro will have an unprintable or super embarrassing handle, like "Big Dick McGhee," "deeznutzinurmouth," or "punechaser" that the WPT will be forced not to include in their updates.**

Graham is trailed by half-man, half-amazing Freddy Deeb with 451,900.

Other notable big stacks include Victor Ramdin (316,000), Nick Schulman (307,900), Justin Bonomo (271,400), T.J. Cloutier (249,300), and Darrell "Deep" Dicken (218,800).

Get full chip counts here. For Jean-Robert’s final words…sniff…here.

* Unconfirmed.

** Also unconfirmed…or actually completely unsourced.


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