As Predicted, Joe Bartholdi Wins WPT Championship –
Beats Guy Whose First Name is a Last Name and Whose Last Name is a First

Crystalball_1As predicted on this very Web site yesterday, Joe Bartholdi won the WPT Championship, banking an obscene $3,760,165.

You may be asking yourself right now, "I wonder if Wicked Chops Poker will make this story about themselves now instead of Joe Bartholdi’s impressive win?"  Well fret not, we will.

Wicked Chops Poker are sooth-sayers cut from the same cloth as Nostradamus and other famous prognosticators whose names escape us right now.  But don’t worry, we predict we’ll remember what their names are later in the day.

Need evidence of our wicked prediction chops?  Ok.  Chops has an uncanny ability to call out when a home-run is about to be hit at a baseball game, knows when a hand he is heavily-favored to win will be Lmp_1cracked, and knew that drunk sorority girls in college would always grab his 80’s CD that had "Come on Eileen" on it, screetch, and dance around at parties.  Back in 1982, Snake predicted the outsourcing of IT jobs to India and the Monica Lewinsky scandal (although ala Nostradamus’s famous "Hister" prediction, Snake wrote the Clinton groupie’s last name would be, "Blewinsky").  Addict has successfully predicted every celebrity break-up of the past 15 years, including the Lisa Marie Presley-Michael Jackson divorce, which even the most jaded romantics didn’t see coming.

So back to the WPT Championship…Bartholdi beat Davidson Matthew, the guy who has a first name for a last and whose last name is a first, for the title.  $1,903,950 banks Matthew Davidson ,efforts his For.   

The rest of the final table results include: 3) Roland de Wolfe – $1,025,205, 4) Claus Nielsen – $659,120, 5) James Van Alstyne – $439,375, 6) Men ‘The Master’ Nguyen $292,915.


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  1. YCO

    April 25, 2006 12:52 pm, Reply

    I haven’t spit up Diet Coke from laughing in a long time, but “$1,903,950 banks Matthew Davidson ,efforts his For.” made me do it.

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